Frustration Friday: Stop the angsting already

Angst will not save you.

The economy is screwy.  Your career isn't working out.  The city you live in is an economic disaster area.  Yes, I know things suck.

Do not keep angsting about it.

Go on, get it out.  Complain, cry, rant, angst so hard that people wonder if you're a character from "Twilight" or want you to cosplay Zuko from "Avatar: The Last Airbender".  Get it ALL out.

Then move the hell on with your life and your career because angst should be temporary.

Sitting around talking about how bad things are, talking about how awful your life is, does not do anything to solve your problems.  It solves nothing.

As far as I'm concerned Angsting is a signal you have a problem.  It tells other people you're miserable and unhappy.  Like crying, laughter, etc. it signals a mood and thats it. 

When you keep angsting day after day and year after year, you're constantly telling people – day after day, year after year – that you're miserable and looking for help.  The thing is when you've gone on and angsted over and over again you're not going and ASKING for help or necessarily seeking help – you're busy sending out "help me" signals over and over.

It annoys people.

It annoys people because they may want to help, but you keep sending out "help me signals" over and over no matter what they do.

It annoys people because the more time you spend angsting is less time you spend solving your problems.

It annoys people because they suspect you're being manipulative after awhile.  All the "woe is me" routine, even if genuine, gets the hell on people's nerves.  Guess what – they probably got the message a LONG time ago.

Angsting is one of the biggest barriers I see to people's success.  It can consume you, your time, your very self – and it returns nothing.

So, next time you feel you're acting like a bad soap opera character or a tragic pretty boy from a manga, pull yourself together and move on.

You'll thank yourself.  So will everyone else.

– Steven Savage