Geeks, Fans, Otaku, Nerds, and More: Don’t Be The False You

So you're looking at yourself from a professional point of view.  You're a raging fangirl, a complete geek, a classic rock snob, what have you – and you don't want to show it.  After all you worry about how you'll come off at work, on the job, to clients, etc.

Chances are, it's backfiring.

The more you choke off who you really are, what you like, what you do – even if it seems ridiculous – the less you're going to act like yourself.  Since you'll be busy being something you're not, you're going to screw it up anyway.

Your clients, co-workers, employer, etc. are going to notice this and notice something is wrong.

I meet way too many people that don't want to express their inner geekery, and frankly, it doesn't work.  The more time you spend not being yourself the more you'll come off as odd, soulless, brittle, and just as having something wrong about you.  Frankly, the fear you may have of how your fannishness comes off is probably NOTHING compared to how putting up a false front comes off.

It's better to be the real you in a way that works than a false you that people are going to detect as false – because trust me, they will.

Instead learn to communicate your geekery in effective ways (check out the various writings here on stereotype-fu).  Learn to be proud.  Learn how to relate.  Learn how to be you.

Being you is one thing you can be sure you'll do pretty well.  You can also be sure that trying not to be you is something people will pick up on.

– Steven Savage