News of the Day 12/14/2009

Avatar-a-go-go, money for video delivery, and the possibility of more layoffs in gaming. Let's see what's up!

Social Media: Making HR obsolete? And Laurie of Punk Rock HR doesn't seem to mind.

So just why did Abu Dhabi bail out Dubai World – Sounds like more was at stake than we thought – and that the bailout may not fix other issues.

Anime and Manga:
Harlequin's manga debut on eManga – With some deals. So, let's see how this goes both in general, and because it's Harlequin who's seemed awful experimental lately . . .

With 'As The World Turns' being cancelled, you can imagine that some fans are very frustrated. There's also a petition, obviously. This is a historical event because it's simply a long-running show.

A look at Google's own phone, Nexus One. Helpful links at the bottom too.

James Cameron-palooza. Avatar well-recieved and he wants sequels, and he still wants to do Battle Angel Alita. If Avatar does well, perhaps Alita ill get a lot more attention (and cash).

Social Media:
MySpace will stream indie bands – I've asked what will happen to indies with all the technical changes, here's a small part of the answer . . .

Wildvine raises $15 million – Wildvine does video tracking and delivery, so you can guess why many may be interested in it . . .

Video Games:
A look at layoffs in gaming – A quick overview, a few things you may not know. It appears December sales are going to determine what's happening in a number of companies – and Canada, as usual, is said to be the go-to place.

Even if Avatar is a massive hit, are these giant block-busters cost effective to risk?

-Steven Savage