Weekly Challenge – That one little change

It's hard to change.  Sure we talk about it, but we rarely do it, or we don't make it stick.  We'll track the cigarettes we smoke and "try" to cut down – and ignore it when the number doesn't change for months.  We try weight loss and organizational plans and all that and it doesn't work.

Yeah, you're probably nodding, if only in your own head.

Think of change as a skill as opposed to something you have to do.

Know anyone who adapts quickly?  They are able to turn on the metaphorical dime and make the change stick?  Sure there are things they're good at or bad at, but one thing they're good at is change.

Changing is a skill.  Like a skill, you can practice it.

So here's your weekly challenge, my progeeks and fan-to-pros.  Pick one small thing you do in life and change it for the week – and perhaps for the foreseeable future.

Eat lunch 15 minutes earlier or later.

Take a different route to work.

Watch your favorite recorded show before dinner instead of after.

Make ONE change and stick with it for the week.

Then perhaps the week after, make another change.  Then the week after that yet another . . .

In awhile, you may find you've developed the skill OF changing.  Then you may be ready to tackle the bigger changes.  In fact, they may not seem so big after this

– Steven Savage