Book Update 1/12/2010

Awhile ago I complained about no updates to the Warhammer 40K MMO.  Time to make sure I post updates on the Fan To Pro book.

I've been working on this since the summer – it got delayed as, when 80% complete, I decided my design didn't work.  So I sat down and rewrote the whole thing.  Frankly it's much better.

So here's the update, and I'll have new ones every now and then until publication.

  • The contents of the book are mostly done.  I want to add a bit more, especially a few more resource sections for "best resources."  I have best books and best online resources, but I want to think over if I need more.
  • The intro needs to be rewritten.  Oddly, its the part I'm least happy with.
  • The book is edited otherwise.  All the additions are new sections.  I fansourced the book editing out.
  • There will be an intro from my co-blogger, Bonnie, who has been through all of this with me.
  • 'm debating if the book needs an index.  The chapters are very clearly organized and differentiated, and I don't know if the book needs an index.
  • The cover is proving to be a pain to come up with.  Since I expect most sales to be online, that actually changes the kind of cover one wants to use.
  • I realized I need to develop a better plan to make people aware of the book, and have been researching that.

Here's what I've learned:

  • The archetypal book you think of doesn't exist in reality.  Books vary based on many factors.  I, loving indexes, find it odd that I'm thinking of leaving one out.
  • It's actually easy to write a book if you come up with a detailed outline first then write that to flesh it out.  It's a lot like good fiction.
  • There's quite a few self-publishing options. managed to be a best-of-breed type.  Their success, however, also acted as a beacon to others to figure out how to make their self-publishing work.
  • Covers are a pain.  There's really no formula or plan to them.

The current publication date will be somewhere late March/early April 2010.  The unsurety comes from how fast I can get my proof.  I am using – so expect a review out of that.

So that's where I am.  A few more months and we're there.

– Steven Savage