So Why Not Start Over?

I talk to people with career issues, from being out of work to unhappy with their job.  They are tired of the search or tired of the work.  They've done all they can or are just plain done.  Oh sure, they're trying to move forward with life but aren't sure it's working, or if they care.

Here's a suggestion:  why not just start over?

If whatever you're doing isn't working, why not just decide to go blank slate, give up your ideas and plans and techniques, and just start over:

  • Quit your job search for one day and then re-design it from step one.
  • If you're unemployed, just take any reasonable job mand throw yourself into it for a few weeks to just have a start of any kind.
  • Drop your career plans and ideas that seem dead in a water and re-evaluate them from square one.
  • Take that option to relocate from your company and get a fresh start (if your spouse, friends, pets, etc. are OK with it).
  • Try something new at work, a new project, etc.
  • If you're unemployed go on and try and start your own business on the side while you search.  Why not?
  • Take a friend up on that offer to move in with them until you get on your feet.

In short, if it all is lousy, why not a fresh start?  What do you have to loose?

If you think about starting over, then you'll know.

The flipside of of starting over is that when you consider it, you'll then ask yourself if it's really worth starting over.  Confronting the possibility of throwing out your current plans makes you confront your plans – and yourself.

Maybe it's time to start over.

Or maybe considering it will make you appreciate what you have.

– Steven Savage