Fandom Advantage: Netowkring

Networking is the key to success.  I know, we hear it all the time.  I say it all the time.  We're all a bit sick of hearing it really, especially those of us that feel guilty that we don't network better.

But, herein lies another advantage to being a fanboy, fangirl, otaku, and utter geek: we have tons of networking resources.  That's something we should appreciate.

We have conventions, giant melting pots of people in costume, gaming rooms, presentations, and chances to socialize.  We meet amazing people, and make friends.

We have our businesses; the comic store, the private bookstore, the memorabilia shop.  Places for events to happen, places to meet people.  Some become home bases for gaming groups or enthusiasts.

We have our big events, the games, the booksignings, the competitions, the LAN parties.  We get together with like-minded people for hours and days.

We have the ability to recognize our fellow geeks, fanboys, and otaku.  We know the t-shirt, the manga, the hairstyle, the music.  We have something to recognize our own and start a conversation.

We have our online communities, message boards, and more.  We're wired into the pulse of the geek-world, and we were doing social media before we had a name for it.

You're a shameless fan, an utter geek, and your life is filled with networking opportunities.  Take a moment to appreciate that.

– Steven Savage