Time to Put the Money First?

So you have a job that pays well, but it's not you.  This job isn't geeky enough, it isn't quite what you want, even with that great paycheck.  You should get out, right?

Not necessarily.

As much as I'm a proponent of people doing what they like for a living, there are times, for awhile, it really is worth doing a job for a big paycheck.  That money you make means that you can get resources, contacts, and other things that you need for your perfect career.  Sometimes, that perfect career, that doing-what-you-like, requires a detour.

There are times to say to yourself, perhaps with great reluctance, "OK, I'm going to do this for the money because . . ."

 . . . because it's a tough time in the economy and the job gives you financial and personal stability (and perhaps stability for family as well).  There's no shame in surviving as long as you don't find your business choices to be unethical.

. . . because you're building a foundation for the future.  The money you earn can help you save up to launch your own business, or go back to school, or take a sabbatical to find the right job.

. . .  because it can provide you the money to relocate.  You may need the cash (and time) to get to somewhere you really want to be, to fulfill your career ambitions.

. . . because you're still figuring out your options and it pays the bills.  Nothing wrong with that.

Don't make yourself miserable.  Don't do a job you utterly hate.  Don't sacrifice your ethics for a big paycheck.  Just don't think doing something for the money makes you less of a person, less of a geek/fan/otaku, less of an artist, or less of a free spirit.  It can be a smart, tactical decision to bring your dreams to fruition.

– Steven Savage