Failure Is A Sign you Tried

So you failed.  You tried to finish an art project and it didn't work.  You tried to get a job and didn't get it.  I'm sure you've had recent or past failures that you gave it your all for, and it didn't work.

These are the moments to sit back, look, and realize that there is one good thing.

You showed you could make the effort.

Yes, you failed, perhaps big time, perhaps spectacularly.  But here's the thing to remember – no matter what happened you were able to bring the effort to bear.

It may not have been the right effort, it may have been too much or too little, started too late or too early.  But you proved you can MAKE the effort.

It's important to remember these things, especially in our darker moments of self-loathing.  We have to remember that, flaws aside, we can bring our resources and skills, and energies to bear towards a goal.

When we remember that we're capable of effort, it takes the sting off of failure, and reminds us of what we're capable of.

It reminds us of the resources and enthusiasms and abilities we have.  It reminds us of all we did right.

It reminds us that we can do it again.

So next time you think you failed, appreciate the effort you made.  Any mistakes aside, at least you made the effort.

– Steven Savage