My Agile Life: Eat Failure, Not Your Peace Of Mind

(This column is posted at, Steve’s LinkedIn, and Steve’s Tumblr) (My continuing “Agile Life” column, where I use Scrum for a more balanced and productive life continues). Doing Agile in my personal life taught me how to fail. You’d think at my age … Continue reading

My Agile Life: Failure

(This column is posted at, and Steve’s Tumblr) I’m talking my “Agile Life” experiment where I use the Agile techniques in Scrum in my everyday life.  Well, it doesn’t always work, so let’s talk failure – specifically something that went bad this … Continue reading

How Internet Access Changes Failure

Being a geek, I assume you remember the time you discovered Mystery Science Theater 3000.  If you're one of the poor souls that doesn't know what it is, it's a show where characters mock old movies, and at times obscure … Continue reading