Don’t Choke Off Your Raving Fan

You ever get overwhelmed by career ideas and tamp down on them because they're distracting?

You ever decide that you're being too much of a geek or a fan in your career plans and try to be reasonable?

You ever think that you've got to be "rational and adult" and be like everyone else in your job?

Know what?  Stop it.  Do not choke your raving fan.

You are a geek.  Nerd.  Fanboy.  Fangirl.  Gamer.  Technophile.  Sports nut.  That's you.  Why are you trying not to be  . . . yourself.

Who you are is your strength.  Every fangirl obsession, every bit of detailed knowledge of video games, all those things that make you you.  All those things are resources to be used – resources that come naturally to you, resources that you enjoy using.

If you don't use your geekiness, if you hold back, you're just going to fail.  You're going to frustrate yourself and be unhappy.  You're going to not use your ideas and energy and dreams.  You're going to, in short, be half a person – with half a life and half a career.

So jump full force into your fannishness as a person and as a professional.  Channel it, use it, be inspired, be energized.  It's who you are anyway.

Don't choke your raving fan.

– Steven Savage