Late Breaking Geekery 4/26/2011

OK Sony admitted it they were hacked and data was stolen so now they're rebuilding PSN. This is a gigantic black eye in the areas of technology, security, and PR. It was handled poorly and they took their sweet time explaining what happened. A very bad move for Sony that makes them very vulnerable – and doubly so as this happened during the EC2 debacle. Takeway for this – Sony's gaming area has just been weakened (oh and when PSN gets up . . . change your password).

Geek Law:
An analyst advises Motorola to go into lawsuits – Remember all our worrying about some legal meltdown in mobile/tech? Yeah. It's justified.

Crunchyroll views piracy as a Market Failure. A fascinating article that shows how they make money, cut piracy, and make everyone happy. Start swooning over Crunchyroll again.

Steven Savage