I Have a Job, They Don’t: The Networking Jam

Friends and family looking for work? Fellow geeks without jobs? Are you looking to help out? Okay, we probably all for this, celebs continue with my ever–rambling look into how you can help people were unemployed, when you yourself have a job.

Here's an idea – a Networking Jam.

(Yes, more networking advice.  It's easier in chunks)

Here's what I do specifically what I have somebody looking for work. Note this requires you to be connected on LinkedIn.com. If you're not on LinkedIn.com two things: 1) You should be and shame on you, and 2) Go to LinkedIn.com and start using it.

OK, now let's assume you're a regular user of LinkedIn.com. Here's what I do.

  1. Invite the person in question to join me on LinkedIn.com as a contact.  I keep most of my friends as contacts anyway.
  2. Once joined, I have them search for companies they'd be interested in, and tell them to sort by relationship (ie connections).
  3. When they find one's they're interested in, I ask them who they'd like to talk to that I know (since you can conveniently see who's out there), and then have them ask for an introduction via LinkedIn.
  4. I then conduct the introduction.
  5. Repeat.

Simple?  Easy?  Actually, yes.  So go do it.

In fact, though it may seem simple to you, your friend may not think about it or even think to ask.  Since they may not think of it or be to bashful, you have to take the initiative.

I recommend making an evening to sit down with them in person, or on the phone, or best of all on online chat, and do this all in one evening.  You can advice them, help them, goad them, or whatever is needed.

But do it in person all at once.

Steven Savage