Frustration Friday: The Need To Say ‘Idiot’

Debt ceilings, green power, the future of the US economy or the world.  These are important issues to discuss, for our future lies in our ability to make the right choices about our economy – on all grounds.

Sadly, we're denied the important ability to honestly call people idiots.

OK, sure these things go on.  People are plenty critical in political discourse around the world.  It's just that it's dishonest discourse, all media posing and witty(?) repartee out of some kind of sick sitcom.  The disgust is rarely as real as it seems, the criticisms invalid, the data contrived, and the points all to often moot.

We don't have real criticism, we have pulpit-pounding preaching talking about sinners in the hands of an angry economic god (oh and the sinners are always those OTHER people).

Sadly, this has removed the ability to have actual criticisms.  If we criticize someone legitimately, they will immediately be defended by assorted hacks, grifters, and brainless media drones.  We get told it's "just our opinion" despite data, or we're acting shrill, or something else.

It's like B.S. is acceptable and real critique is not.

Of course in an age where the head of the IMF is under arrest, the debt ceiling threatens the American economy and the world, and green power is vital to our future, we need serious legitimate criticism of economic issues.  Hell, of any issues.

But it seems we can't do it.  It's either pulpit-pounding or we somehow can't say that.

Know what this is?  It's what I've said before – politics and economics as religion.

The people making maniac statements can say all they want, but can't take any criticism because they are making insane pronouncements.  Their economics (read religion) gives them the right to say anything, but you can't criticize it for some reason.

Trying to discuss serious economic policies seems to be like discussing gay rights with rabid homophobes.  There's a ton of projection, accusation, and pretty much saying any criticism of them is against their religion.

We need to say when people are idiots.  Civilly. Intelligently.  With data.  But we really need that.

Because too often the idiots are, despite being in politics, really speaking as if they were in a pulpit.  Because their economic policy is religion.  Because they act as if it can't be criticized.

It can.  It has to be.

Steven Savage