News Of The Day 5/26/2011

Akira's heading down, Sony's meandering, and Microsoft continues in their race.

Anime and Manga:
Albert Hughes leaves Akira as director. Which I'd understand – it sounds dismal. I think this project is headed to the dustbin of history.

Net Freedom:
Comcast isn't going to do meeting billing apparently.

Microsoft is going to show off a Windows Tablet next week. Sounds like they're on a roll – catching up, but still a roll. So let's see how this goes.

Woah. Amazon introduces a Mac store. Yes, a Mac store. This is a bit weird to see, since I can't quite figure the point – unless it's Amazon taking a Google-like shot keeping a finger in every pie or show what they can do. (I suspect both). Now I await Apple's response . . .

Video Games:
So just what is 'Zelda Universe'. I admit now I'm curious- the article has a few ideas. Admittedly the Zelda property could be used, consolidated, or so on, so I'm wondering. Another keep-an-eye-on.

Playstation 4 under development? If so at this rate it's more like the usual console cycle is just going to change. Though I also suspect at this rate Sony may just want a distraction.

Sony's Playstation division returns to profitability. Let's see how long that lasts.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So Playstation 4?  How long or is this just BS?

Steven Savage