Late Breaking Geekery – And Analysis

Well I was going to just do a post analyzing Window's "Mango" but things got a bit wild out there, so it turned into a roundup of some late breaking geekery!


First Google's Mobile Payments Platform.  Big?  Well, yes, Google is doing it, and this follows the Google finger-in-every-pie strategy.  However this ties right into Android, could let them get a leap on other companies (while pissing off some startups), and works well with the ecosystem.  A few things:

  • I suspect this was one reason they wanted Groupon – they could tie it into this.
  • I think this was accelerated so as to give them a leap on competition – which may mean they're still hiring.
  • This puts them further into the financial area – which is often more restrictive legally.
  • Everyone else will accelerate their efforts.
  • Their big competitor is Square.
  • If you do apps, line up to learn more about this.

Next up, Windows Phone Mango is revealed.  My impressions:

  • First of all, a lot of this is catch-up.  Let's be honest.
  • However this is really good catch-up.  Microsoft is definitely learning from others.
  • It's a bit late, but Microsoft may, hopefully for them, get momentum.
  • It's a very integrated, Apple-like, friendly, frankly "non-Microsoftish" OS.  I think this indicates Microsoft is shifting away from their usual . . . well, whatever that was.
  • I think this is part of Microsoft pretty much retooling.
  • If you program you need to know about this – because there will be development based on it.
  • I really see no reason why Nokia had to be involved, but oh well.

So, some big news in the tech field.  Let's keep watching . . .

Steven Savage