E3 And WWDC – It Seemed the Same

OK, it may just be me – but this week WWDC and E3 kind of felt the same to me.

I don't know if it's a case of perspective.  Perhaps I'm just used to seeing things from a "high-level" analysis point of view and I saw them as part of the same trends and patterns.  But it didn't feel like a case of perspective; it felt like I was seeing two things that were way too much a like.

The new technology.  The analysis of the trends by the pundits.  The market talk.  The discussion of repercussions.  More new technology.  More analysis.

I think WWDC and E3 seemed so much alike because we've hit the point where tecnology is so integrated into our lives, so normal, that any conference or show on them is going to inherently be more like any other.

Gaming is becoming omnipresent.  E3 was about so many different things, but all the implications were implications for everyone.

Technology is omnipresent.  The changes and announcements and developments at WWDC had implications for everyone.

Technology is everywhere.  Technology is so integrated.  Media is everywhere.  Media is so integrated.  All of the announcements at these shows were about . . . everything.  There's no boundaries anymore between tech and our lives.

So E3 and WWDC?  They're no longer divided or different.  They're more two facets of a larger set of culture and technology trends and occurences.  They're bordering on being the same.

(And if you compare this to the way Comic Cons are becoming big media cons, yes, I've thought about it . . .).

Steven Savage