Frustration Friday: Maybe You Need Your Own Economy

I've done my part to help you out here.  I remember when I was young like you, full of ambition, so nerdy I could be a comic character, and glad to take advantage of a booming economy.  You are truly like me except the economy we've handed you is a turd-filled smoking ruin of lies and deceit.

I'm sorry about that.  Believe me I don't think I played any part in it I'm willing to admit in public.  There's no apology for the people who did the damage – most of them should be driven from public office, pulpits, talk shows, and universities, if not in jail.  It sucks and I wish you were in a  better economic state.

So since so many people have worked to ruin your future, I'd like to encourage you to do something, something important.

Go build your own economy, career, and life.

Know what?  A lot has changed and most people holding forth on your life and career are woefully out of date.  Even I, despite both my wisdom and the fact I'm a painfully handsome and hip progeek, and probably wrong on occasions.

Jobs changed, economies have changed, everything has changed.  So right now you have to decide to follow paths that no longer exist, or you can go do it your way.

You need to look at the wisdom of the ages when it comes to jobs and careers, and throw an absolute ton of it out.  Into an incinerator.  Then jump up and down on the ashes.  Then make fun of the ashes.

Hell, throw out the old wisdom for awhile just to spite the know-it-all people that got you into this mess.  Sure you may have to walk some of your decisions back, but why not take a chance they were really as stupidly wrong as they seemed.

None of the jobs fit you?  Define yourself your way.  A new way.  Make a new career, so when you go and pitch yourself as a "Social Media Artist" or a "Code Reformulation Translator" you can make a new niche.  People might hire you out of a fear of seeming dumb.

The economy doesn't work?  Build a new niche or even a new economy – hell, look at how social media sites have created new economies, how zipcar changed cars, and so on.  Build something new.

Not part of the in crowd?  Build your own in crowd.  Then attach it to other in crowds and take over.

Go run the world by using that imagination, that technical knowledge, and that strange fusion of pop culture and deep culture knowledge that makes you a geek.  You'll do better than the others who tried by the odds.

Look, of course I expect you to keep listening to me, if only to kindly fuel the delusion I know what I'm doing.  But maybe it's time to get radical and do things a new way, because a lot of the old way doesn't work.

A lot of the old way may not even be around anymore.

So go on.  Save yourselves – them come back and save others.  Show us the future.

This old geek is counting on you.

Er not old.  Seasoned.  That's it.

Steven Savage