Success Tips From Naruto

When someone approached me about writing a column about Naruto as an inspirational piece, I had to think.  I don't think of Naruto as something that promotes deep introspection – but for cosplayer Sado, he actually found it highly inspiring. In fact, he works on cosplay blogs and at a cosplay shop, so he knows what he's talking about.

Of course I found that idea delightfully progeekey, so here's Sado to explain how he takes lessons from the popular anime. It's a reminder of just how we can find inspiration anywhere.

What makes Naruto so popular? For sure, the complicated plot and stimulating fights among ninjas can't be neglected. But probably the most important thing should be life inspirations brought to us by persevering qualities of Uzumaki Naruto. So far, few of have realized they can learn Naruto shows us a shortcut forward success.

Thus, let’s decode the messages now.

1. Unwilling to Be a Robot

Uzumaki Naruto's first apperance is rather dramatic -  placing grafitti on stone carvings of the Hokages and his magical DIY sex-change technique.

The real key point is his actions show independent thought and doing whatever he wants. We will be more or less a reflection of our family and parents during growing up, and then we finally step on a road our parents expect. For sure, it's necessary to listen to suggestions from them. But we shouldn't give up the capability of thinking independently.

Success is absolutely not simple imitation. To think independently may be considered to be naughty early lin life. But at least, someone like Uzumaki Naruto has built this “elaborative” ability in the beginning

2. Be Sincere and Brave

Uzumaki Naruto has a heart of gold, which shines through. A winner can fail or be unrecognized temporarily, but he/she must keep sincere and brave. Communication between people is actually a communication between personality and heart.

There is a saying telling us “To sell products, first to sell yourself”. Apple phone is exactly an example, right? Why are there so many Apple fans? This is definitely because of product concept of pursuing perfection embraced by the Apple Company. This service idea is rooted in Steve Jobs.  People's acknowledgement of your products is definitely an approval of you, and reflects the “enchantment” of your personality.

To do things, first learn to be a person. To do things successfully, first learn to be a person successfully.

3. Experience Suffering

Nobody can succeed casually, and the same is true of Uzumaki Naruto. Since childhood, he endured criticism and gossip from people around him who said he was a monster. Exactly due to this, he further knows how important friends are. He received challenges and experienced suffering from the beginning of his life; sometimes, he even faced more challenges than is friends.

Finally, he accumulated experience from those tribulations, strengthened his power and also made friends. So, to experience hardship is also good, right?

People's potential is enormous; it just needs to be stimulated. When an adverse situation has passed, we will feel pleasantly surprised about our growing-up.

Don't ignore things that seem easy. You will find there isn't an easy matter once you are willing to do them. People who are fond of online games will better understand this, XD. Experience in killing those small monsters helps you become strong gradually.

4. Control the Power Of Your Innermost Being

The strongest power in the ninja world exists in Uzumaki Naruto's body; The nine-tailed demon fox was sealed in his body by his father.  In truth, the might in everyone's heart is inherently formidable.

So-called “success power” for winners already exists in our body. What's different between us is that some successfully explore this power and some ignore it.

However, we sometimes, we tend to feel pride and overconfidence because of this native talent. For example, nine-tailed demon fox's power does its own thing. But Uzumaki Naruto well controls it. While meeting danger, he rationally uses this strength and never is controlled by it.

To be successful, you must learn how to control the might in your heart. To be incomparably successful, you must learn how to put the power into full use.

5. Use the Chakra

In Uzumaki Naruto's ninja world, there is a kind of internal power called Chakra. People who have continuous chakra and can control its flow will be incredibly powerful. The nine-tailed demon fox sealed in Uzumaki Naruto's body is the most formidable ninja beast in ancient times because it gets chakra from the nature and creates chakra depending on the outside world.

In our life, two kinds of chakra exist. One is the might in your heart, which needs exploring, practicing, controlling and using. Another one is your interpersonal relationships, which needs fostering, cherishing, using, and enriching. Whether these two kinds of chakra can run smoothly decides whether you will be successful.

6. Find the Principle and Values

Uzumaki Naruto confirmed his own principles and values at an early age – that has never changed, which is definitely his Imashime (“Way of the Ninja”). All the time, he does what he says. He will never break his promise or discard partners and escape alone. He believes himself masters his fate. Whatever our Imashime is, we must have it and hold onto it. Principle and values can be adjusted when we grow up.

But we must own it.

7. Control Emotions

We are easily affected by our emotion.s So is Uzumaki Naruto. Sometimes, he is optimistic, excited or angry. But many times, he tries to controls his mood.

He is optimistic, but never has he failed to tell friends from foes.

He will never forget his principle even when worked up.

He tries not to vent his anger on other people.

He can do this. So can other people.

Nowadays, more and more people emphasize the  EQ(emotional quotient) in their lives. People who are good at controlling their mood will gain success more easily. (Actually, Uzumaki Naruto pays more attention on his friends, family members and people around him than himself.)

8. Make Real Friends

Uzumaki Naruto has many friends. But who are real friends? Actually, they should be people who come out boldly when their friends meet difficulty, share happiness when their friends gain success and seek for solutions when their friends feel puzzled.

To make real friends, you need to keep an open mind, be unafraid of anything and be willing make friends with anybody. To make real friends, you need to judge whether other people have the same values with you and then give regardless of return.

These will not be gained how many books about enriching your interpersonal relationship you have read.

9. Don't Admit Defeat But Don't Be Afraid of Loss

Uzumaki Naruto has never admitted defeat however disadvantageous the situation is. He is brave and spares no effort to succeed.

We have cases like this in our own lives. For example, will you run after a slowly moving bus to catch it or directly give up the chance of making the driver see you? Fights between our opportunities and us can happen anytime. Once you persist, you will probably win.

10. Be Brave When Facing Challenge

There are persons Uzumaki Naruto admires, but there are few people he can’t surpass.  He expects to execute dangerous tasks – the most dangerous “grade –s” in his world.  Winners always pick the most difficult missions and do things that require abilities beyond their own power.  This is the only way to improve.

11. Be Modest

It's a must to make friends – butit's better to make friends with the same values with you. Be modest and listen to advice from others. If a great master is a huge mountain, you should be a persevering climber. Be devoted to learn something excellent and change some weakness in yourself.

12. Experience a Lot

You will never make progresses without practice
. Pay attention to books, rather than practice, you will only be an armchair strategist. What we should do is adapt and prepare to ask This is why so many people successfully manage their time even though they have never read books about time management. They have already gotten lots of experience from practice. What you learn from practice must be refined by you.

13. Protect the Beloved

Everybody fights for a reason. Uzumaki Naruto fights for his beloved persons. Think over why we strive and what we struggle for. No matter if it's for money, for changing the life condition of family or for protecting the beloved, you must find the reason to fight.

(Actually, this reason is definitely part of your values.)

14. Set a Great Target

Uzumaki Naruto aims to be Hokage in Leaf Village. This goal is so high that nobody believes him. But he has never stopped striving. This also makes sense for us. Goals can be realized one by one. But just set ONE great target for our life.

15. Seek Chances for Advanced Studies

Each successful person is industrious. He/she may not wise, but can't be lazy. Don't let opportunities for advanced studies slip. So many entrepreneurs go for an MBA or studying abroad after earning the first pot of gold because they know a wise head is the really safe bet and the best investment.

Why do so many people love Naruto? Yes, it's definitely because it gives people a feel for a society and life in the imaginary world. It has its own philosophy, culture and theoretical basis.

But the hero's experience encourages us anytime.


Author bio: Sado works for, a shop supplying cosplay items online, like Naruto Cosplay Costumes. He's also busy with running his cosplay blog. He loves talking cosplay and anime on his facebook and twitter accounts, so be sure to friend him.