Go Farther: Geek Job Search Groups

I want to make a proposal to you, my fellow progeeks and hopeful progeeks who are looking for work.

I've known and been coaching many people who are doing job searches.  They are inevitably doing it on their own, often feeling alone, or tired.  Few have job search support for various reasons, from not thinking about it to having trouble finding people who understand their interests.

I think it's time for you to form fandom/geekdom/otakudom-oriented job search groups and help each other out.

Think of all the advantages you have:

  • You have the tools to network – message boards, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, and more.  You can easily find each other and work together.
  • You already have an antidote to not being able to relate to people – you have your own interests.
  • You probably all share similar interests.
  • You have the resources of your cosplay groups, gaming groups, conventions, etc. to call on.
  • You may know each other well enough to work together easily.

So why not?  Go found a mailing list, board, community, SOMETHING, to band you  and your fellows together to help each other on the job search:

  • You can network and share connections with each other.
  • People can coach each other using their areas of strength, like resume-building.
  • People can share information about their cities and states and their geekability.
  • You can provide emotional support.
  • There's the chance for witty jokes like calling your group the Justice League of Unemployment, or the United Federation of Professionals.  It relieves the stress, after all.

Look, times are tough.  Time for everyone to team up.

So go on and try it – and let me know the results you get!

Steven Savage