News Of The Day 10/5/2011

We lead with the passing of Steve Jobs. We hope to have more analysis in the days to come.

Right now, I don't even know what to say.

I'm sure we'll have more news on the Eurozone soon. Meanwhile we have this to depress you . . .

1/3 of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Literally 1/3 of people would be homeless if they lost their job.

Robert Downey Junior and his wife are working to bring a period 1930's Perry Mason film to life. I've got mixed feelings on this – this classic detective series could provide lots of interesting material, the idea of a period piece is interesting, but still . . . we've got a lot of adaptions and such going on now.

This also intrigues me as I've been wondering about a possible "retrofest" occurring (especially in science-fiction) due to the sheer amount of material out there. We're seeing John Carter, we could see Skylark, Lensman, and more. What else is out there – and could this actually be good culturally as we appreciate our past?

Content is King again? Something to think about here – in an age of distribution and devices, content, oddly, may be in control.

Yes, there is a supercheap Tablet from India – though it's $60 (not the $35 or so reported) and its very light. You've probably seen this making the rounds, but it's worth tracking because this could set a "bottom level" for tablets.

Video Games:
Game expenditures are up 1% this year.

Team Bondai to close. It sounds like it had a lot of pathologies, and I'm not surprised.

There is no Question Of The Day Today

Steven Savage