"Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers" is published.  Available.  Seen by the world.  Also, it's only $4.99 for any of the eBook forms.

You want PDF?  Got it.  ePub?  Got it.  Kindle?  Got it.  Give it a bit more time and it'll be on the Nook and in the iBookstore.

It's DONE.  Out.  Launched. 

Thanks to everyone for your support, my fantastic interviewees, my swift editor, and everyone else!

Now, spread the word, people, let's help out the cosplayers and costumers we know, or are, turn those edges, experienced, and costumes into careers!  Forward, professional geekery!

Now I'm going to take a month to market the book – then it's back to the next one(s) . . .

Steven Savage