Personal Branding For Progeeks #5 – Some Progeekey Edges

And we come to the end of another series (Been on a roll with those lately, haven't I) – Personal Branding for Progeeks.

Now I've spent time talking how to do it, ways to do it, and of course, why.  But now that I've put you through the ringer, let's talk about some of the advantages you have as a progeek.

Yes, you, the professional geek, have advantages over non-geeks when it comes to personal branding.

You Know What You Like: Think a lot of people know this?  They don't – take a tour of any bookstore's career section and see how much is dedicated to finding your own way (hell, I write on this).  You're a lot closer to knowing it that most – and that means you can communicate it.

Technophile: Rare indeed is the geek who isn't at least somewhat technically savvy.  You are a geek, so chances are you have some good technical knowledge you can put into branding – web design, art programs, etc.  Even if you're not so hot at technology, you doubtlessly know people that are.

Creative: You're a geek.  Whereas a less geeky person might think they need a new business card, you find a way to print one that looks like a shrunken and reads "graphics ninja."  Use that creativity.

Networked: You know plenty of fellow geeks to call upon or work with for your branding.  Use that.

Culture Savvy: You know anime, or classic lit, or something else intensely – and you can use its language, style, etc.  Maybe your web page looks suspiciously like it's woodcut, or your resume has a cute anime style mascot on it.  You can set tone and connect with people over your culture knowledge.

Surprising: Whenever I hand out my business card (which is done up like a trading card with an anime-esque picture of me) I get a pleasantly surprised reaction.  You, the progeek, can get that reaction with your cards, websites, etc. because you are different, creative, etc.

You Know Branding: A lot of us are creatures of media, communication, culture.  We know branding, intimately.  We know Apple and Anime and everything else. We know what to do and what not to do.

OK progeeks, time to define your brand!

Steven Savage