Geek Job Guru: Marketing Is Inevitable

Ever get tired of how we pros “have to market”? You see ads all over the internet hawking things from megacorporation products to people’s webcomics. “Personal Branding,” a term I’m fond of, seems to be on it’s way to becoming … Continue reading

The Job Search: Start Judging Yourself

Lately, when I talk to people about their job searches, it seems that a lot of them are worried they're being labeled in their job searches by recruiters.  They worry these labels are at best limiting, and at worst, detrimental.  … Continue reading

Personal Branding For Progeeks #4 – Putting It To Use

So you've figured out your personal brand as a professional geek. Now, how do you actually use it and communicate it? My philosophy of this is pretty simple – you have a core way to define yourself and refer to … Continue reading

Personal Branding For Progeeks #3 – Kinds of Progeeks

Last column I discussed brainstorming techniques to help you come up with your "Progeek Personal Brand".  It was a case of self-examination and defining yourself with less and less words so you got a good handle on how you want … Continue reading

Persona Branding For Progeeks #2 – Finding Your Brand

Last week I discussed just why Personal Branding is important for geeks in their careers – and in some ways more important than usual for information-driven folks like ourselves.  So the question comes down next – how do you do … Continue reading

Professional Branding For Progeeks #1 – What and Why?

Let me be up front: the economy sucks, the job search sucks and is made worse by ossified HR and put-upon recruiters. So, anything that's wrong in the job search is at best, only half your fault.  That being said, … Continue reading