Promoting Professional Geekery #7: OK. So Write a Guide

OK, I get it, I get it.  You're not up for writing an entire book promote progeekery, at least not right now.  So how can you leverage all those writing skills in promoting your love of turning hobbies into jobs, of turning fandom into careers?

Write a helpful guide to something relevant to progeekery.

There's probably plenty of things you could write on that'll help out current and future progeeks that aren't book-length.  These are more than a blog post, but less than the commitment to make a full book.


  • Did you have a guide to a good resume?  Write it up.
  • Set up a photo gallery for your cosplay site?  Create a guide so people can do it easily.
  • Have a killer way to make a business card to promote your business?  Let' hear how you created that geeky ideal.
  • Have a job search guide for a given industry?  Write up your experiences so people can use it.
  • A guide to resumes for people into cosplay, or video games, or something else.

Where do you put this?  Well, consider:

  • Your website – and you better have a professional website – is a great place.  It shows employers/clients what you're good at and helps you be part your larger community.
  • See if any blogs, relevant fansites, etc. want to host it – you might find a side hobby doing that.
  • Try self-publishing since a lot of the platforms don't mind size – and set it to free.
  • Speak on your subject at a convention and hand out copies.

You've got a lot of knowledge.  So you're not up for a book (yet)?  Put that wisdom in a guide and release it to the world in guide form.

Steven Savage