SOPA Delayed

Looks like SOPA is not going to the House, hearings to resume later.  Techeme, as usual, has a roundup, the latest being here.

This is good news as far as I'm concerned – SOPA/PIPA are hideous, and the longer debate goes on, the more chance to rally against them.  It gives time for the truth to come out – and for folks like us to raise hell about it.

A few takeaways:

  • Lamar Smith either doesn't get what he's doing or doesn't care (my guess, both).  He actually didn't feel it was necessary to discuss the security issues of altering the internet.  Attempts to modify that part actually failed.  I'd keep an eye on whatever he does in the future if you work in tech or media, because he's clearly happy sponsoring hideous life-and-job-destroying legislation.
  • There are massive security concerns as well as legal concerns – more intense than I expected when I first encountered SOPA (I focused mostly on the legal).  If you work in tech, I'd do a deeper examination of this – it will help you lend your voice and also help you understand how the internet works and how people can still mess it up.
  • This delay is good for everyone since it's a chance to bring down SOPA and PIPA, it's tweedledum.  Stay on top of this issue.
  • This is bad enough that I think it shows certain big media companies are very desperate.  If they loose this (and I think they will between time, a presidential veto, and potential legal challenges), they will resort to something else.  Hopefully some companies will get a clue and try different methods of income, distribution, etc. – which could mean opportunities for people.
  • This fight also let us know who to trust to go with an open internet versus a hideous legislation.  You may want to decide your career options based on what you learned here.

Steven Savage