Link Roundup 8/2/2013

Whew!  Lots in the news!

3D Printing:

3D Printers can pay for themselves in a year – I also wonder what the environmental impact changes are as well.  Now you have ANOTHER excuse to get one!

Also since you could scan objects to 3D print with your browser then you have even more reasons to get one.  Also if 3D printing goes big, then imagine the other forms of scanning and interface that could happen.  Say tablet cameras . . .


A comic on the Stonewall riots on Indiegogo?  A chance to fund indie comics and capture a piece of history that’s very relevant now.  Quick thought – what other historical occurrences could be described in comics form that you could do?

Law And Technology:

Feds say Apple have to give access to Amazon and Barnes And Noble.  It’s a tad fuzzy, but interesting reading.


Omni is coming back.  I’m hopeful that this also brings back “futurism cool,” but wait to see what happens. Wonder what other magazines and pubs out there could be revived?  Might be something for you to try . . .


IMPORTANT: People are copying crowdfunding campaigns as a scam.  Indiegogo seems especially vulnerable because of their methods.

– Steven

And In Your News Of Geeks and Erotica . . .

Been some saucy geek news today.

The producer of the 50 Shades of Gray Film is looking to produce a Gran Turismo film.  Yes, the video game.  No, I don’t get it.  However it is interesting diversity-wise – and I expect Gran Turismo is intended to focus on the Fast and Furious love out there.

Porn-blocking British MP gets hacked, threatens reporters, seems generally technically illiterate.  Seems to be heading for a nasty meltdown, this person is clearly not that self-aware.  Still the law may affect policy in Britain and other countries so I’d follow this.

Google Glass will be in a porn film.  But not used for it.  Yeah, my only surprise is it took this long.  Important warning to product developers of how these things can get viral in unexpected ways.

– Steven

Have Some Dismal Economic Truths!

Law firms are in trouble, so it’s not a guaranteed fallback:

Publicly funding a stadium is a losing proposition:  In fact, we’re spending more on them to date, and bankrupt Detroit is still building  a Hockey Stadium.

– Steven