How Much Is That Kinect On Windows?

Kinect is coming to windows on February 1st.

Well, what can I say? THis is me, so a lot:

  • Microsoft is actually letting people mess with a product now interfaced with Windows. This is a huge move for Microsoft, and frankly, pretty smart. It builds relations, pushes technology, and gives them ideas. It's also something their competitor, Apple, is loathe to do (and I use Apple)
  • It's obvious that Microsoft is seeking a far more unified series of platforms among Windows, XBox, and Windows Phone.
  • This is a distinguisher for Microsoft (remember the Wii Controller?). It sets them apart – though it may also limit them if they get too obsessed with it.
  • If you develop for Windows or XBox, at least mess around with the SDK so you're informed – it'll be good for your career.
  • Watching what other competitors do should be done closely.
  • No Gates, no problem. Microsoft seems to be on the ball.

Steven Savage