Promoting Professional Geekery #20: Help Out Reporters!

Want to help the world appreciate the fan-to-pro ideal, the geeky lifestyle?  Try getting yourself in the news, and in a way that's not overtly embarrassing.

Help out reporters.

You can be the source to explain the idea that, yes, there are people who turn geekery into careers.  You can do interviews.  You can point them at the right resources.  You can be a source of information and a testimony to what can be done.

You just have to reach them.  That's where it gets a bit complicated, but I do have a solution – which you probably figured.  In fact, I have several. 

  • Go, right now and join – Help a Reporter Out.  This site is great for getting people doing news, articles, books, etc. in touch with others.  Just sign up, pick the subjects you want to see inquiries on, and then respond to what looks up your alley.  If you do any regular reporting yourself, you might sign up to send out requests. 
  • Cultivate friends who are reporters.  People I met via HARO, above, regularly contact me for more information.  Be a reliable resource people can go to.
  • Write journalists, bloggers, and more on the pieces you read relating to your career and professional passion.  Get to know them, offer insights, be a resource for them.
  • Make sure your professional/personal site lists your contact information and perhaps where you're referred to and interviewed.  Let people see you're a resource – that can be reached.

You have an unusual viewpoint – you're a progeek.  Your experiences are ones not everyone appreciates because they don't think of it or even imagine the possibility of fans-turned-pro.  You're something reporters want.

You can make people aware of professional geeks, and promote the ideals.  It doesn't hurt that this kind of news attention is usually good for your career too since it gets your name out there.

Steven Savage