And It Continues: Verizon Teams Up With Redbox

Fusing FIOS streaming with Redbox?  Sounds like a plan.

So here's another major entrant in the video wars.  FIOS has barely been on my radar as it seemed to be another effort, so maybe I better start paying attention.

Mostly this seems to be a useful joint venture to do more for Redbox and give Verizon more options.  However I don't see this remaining joint forever – I see it being adsorbed into Verizon or spun off somehow.  It's still a bit experimental.

So my take?

  • This makes perfect sense as Verizon clearly wants to be far more than a carrier, and Redbox probably wants the insurance.
  • I don't see this yielding many employment opportunities short-term.  It has to gear up, it feels like an experiment, so I'm not seeing any significant opportunities.
  • Much as it seemed to be de rigeur to create a music service awhile ago, now it seems everyone wants a video service.  As companies with properties are probably not too fussy about allowing content out (for a price), at least short term it may make sense.
  • I actually think this competition is good right now – it shakes things up and forces others to rethink things.  What else might be inspired by this should be watched.

– Steven Savage