And It Continues: Verizon Teams Up With Redbox

Fusing FIOS streaming with Redbox?  Sounds like a plan.

So here's another major entrant in the video wars.  FIOS has barely been on my radar as it seemed to be another effort, so maybe I better start paying attention.

Mostly this seems to be a useful joint venture to do more for Redbox and give Verizon more options.  However I don't see this remaining joint forever – I see it being adsorbed into Verizon or spun off somehow.  It's still a bit experimental.

So my take?

  • This makes perfect sense as Verizon clearly wants to be far more than a carrier, and Redbox probably wants the insurance.
  • I don't see this yielding many employment opportunities short-term.  It has to gear up, it feels like an experiment, so I'm not seeing any significant opportunities.
  • Much as it seemed to be de rigeur to create a music service awhile ago, now it seems everyone wants a video service.  As companies with properties are probably not too fussy about allowing content out (for a price), at least short term it may make sense.
  • I actually think this competition is good right now – it shakes things up and forces others to rethink things.  What else might be inspired by this should be watched.

– Steven Savage

Verizon to take on Netflix

The Gauntlet has been thrown: Verizon is building a Netflix competitor.

OK I'm skeptical – at this rate the competition is ramping up – but it sounds like they've got a focused plan (movies and kids' shows) and remember they've also got a presence on the new XBox.  So it's not unreasonable – and like Game Stores, it seems we're oddly at a place where people would rather launch a redundant service than miss out.


  • Netflix is vulnerable, and I think their response will actually be internationalization.
  • OnLive is somewhere in all of this mess, with giant streaming system NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT.
  • Verizon has a big "captive audience" they can leverage (and more with XBox).
  • Verizon is going to have to hire/employ people to do this – which may mean jobs.  If others jump in on this, more jobs.
  • People are still talking big, not small content.  I'm concerned smaller producers may get squeezed out.

(Oh and side note to Netflix CEO Hastings – do not compare yourself to Bank of America.  Man, I'm starting to feel my faith in Netflix is misplaced – but not enough to suggest you look elsewhere for work.)

Steven Savage

A Geek Walks Into a Verizon Store . . .

So I walk into the Verizon store recently to get a new phone (Android, what else?).  This does sound like the beginning of a joke, but as opposed to doing "a geek walks into a store" joke, let me instead hold forth on what I learned from going there.  The Verizon stores, if you've been paying attention, have been changing, and I think we're seeing some trends in consumer electronics that they illustrate.

Anyway, so there I am in the Verizon store and there's some changes, a slicker look, and a helpful gentleman with a tablet he uses for data, credit cards, and sales.  I'm sure that you're thinking what I thought.

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