Thoughts On The Apple Store Model

So last column I posted on how the Verizon Stores seem to be following in the Apple Store model.  I also noted that these stores give people what they want, so frankly I expect similar models to pop up all over.  I'll call this model  . . .  OK I'll call it the Apple Store Model.

Now it's time to ask what this means progeek wise.  A few speculations:

  • Set Expectations.  I think the Apple Store model will spread – and soon it will become the norm.  Companies need to keep this in mind in setting their store models – or risk seeming insensitive to consumers and behind the times.  If you work in a consumer electronic company or dealer, you need to follow this.
  • A Better Starting Point.  These stores may be better places for people to launch progeek careers (or idle during tough times in the job market) since they're going to require more technical and customer savvy.  People will learn more – and employees who spent time at these stores will be better regarded.
  • Changes in Footprint.  Some stores aren't going to shift to the new footprint easy.  Renovation, moving, merging . . . all that is possible for individual stores.  Shut downs, delays, and so forth may affect people working there.  Work in architecture or at any of these stores, and it's a factor.
  • Location, Location, Relocation.  With the footprint of these stores, and the requirements for staff, some may just plain relocate to make them more profitable for the investment.  Your job at these stores may go away – or an opportunity may arrive.
  • A Destination Model.  Some of these stores seem to be "destination-like" – the kind you go to for awhile, the kind that have many things to do and many shiny things.  It changes consumer habits.  That's something to follow in general.

So a little speculation on what the Apple Model means progeek wise.

– Steven Savage

A Geek Walks Into a Verizon Store . . .

So I walk into the Verizon store recently to get a new phone (Android, what else?).  This does sound like the beginning of a joke, but as opposed to doing "a geek walks into a store" joke, let me instead hold forth on what I learned from going there.  The Verizon stores, if you've been paying attention, have been changing, and I think we're seeing some trends in consumer electronics that they illustrate.

Anyway, so there I am in the Verizon store and there's some changes, a slicker look, and a helpful gentleman with a tablet he uses for data, credit cards, and sales.  I'm sure that you're thinking what I thought.

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