Ask Steve: What Do I Do As A Relocating Progeek?

Thanks to Albert for his question of last week!

So you're a professional geek.  In following your vision, your vision has led to you another city/state/country.  Or to put it more bluntly, you needed the work and had to move for it.

So what do you do to stay geeky?

Well first and foremost I hope the area you chose is seriously progeny.  I hope it's a megaregion rich in nerdom and technology and the like.  But no matter the situation there are a few strategies to use.

Your first goal as a professional geek is to maintain both parts of the equation – being a pro while being an utter geek who leverages their interests professionally.  You want to make sure the move doesn't damage it – and hopefully enhances it. 

In short, you want to find pros and geeks like YOU.

Here's what I recommend:

 #1 – Ask your friends and family.  Ask people you know who live there or have acquaintances there where the geeky hangouts are, conventions, good locations, etc.

#2 – Check your fandoms.  Next ask on message boards, blogs, journals and other geek groups and communities you belong to what there is to do in that location and things they recommend.

#3 – Check your professional connections.  Go on, hit LinkedIn and see what people think there is to do, hook up with, or join.

#4 – Check cons.  Go to sites like and see what conventions are in that area.  If there's none in the exact location check locally.  These will give you places to go, and people you can team up with – helping at a con is a good way to meet people.

#5 – Check meetups. is the resource for finding people doing things you like – if you're in a large enough location.  See what groups you can join – or start one.

#6 Check local websites.  Many cities, towns, and areas have their own websites that list events.  That's a good way to find ways to socialize and connect.  Hopefully.

#7 Check professional associations.  If you belong to a professional association it hopefully has branches or chapters in the area you're moving to.  Always a good way to get connected.

#8 Check universities.  Overflowing with geekiness, they may have groups, organizations, and events to let you connect.

#9 Check different locations.  I learned the hard way that an area can seem geeky, but individual townships and areas aren't so much.  Do your research.

#10 Find bookstores.  Duh.

Your goal in moving is to find events, places, people, and establishments that will let you find the geeky and professional support you need.  Your goal then is to get involved – speak at a con, join a group, go to a gaming event, etc. 

That should make the move a lot easier.

Steven Savage