Ask A Progeek – Incoherent Job Requirements

Let’s just jump into this week’s question, one we’ve all probably asked before:

How do you know what is true in a job posting?  They ask very specific things sometimes, plus there’s all this common knowledge and it doesn’t all work together.  For example, you’re supposed to be impressive and give extra information if it’s relevant AND you’re supposed to be detailed AND concise AND it’s okay if that takes a third page BUT if your resume is over two pages then you’re automatically disqualified.

Kind of disappointing isn’t it?  You get told to make coherent resumes and clear cover letters and then the job postings don’t make any sense.

Of course, that’s the solution in the first place . . .

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Ask A Progeek: Overqualification

Ah, the job search.  We usually like to think that we can totally ace the requirements and have the perfect personality and then some.  We’re ready to overdo it . . .

. . . but you can overdo it can’t you?  That’s what this week’s Ask A Progeek is about.  The question submitted to me is:

When applying for a job, I don’t simply want to show them I meet their expectations – I want to show how I exceed them.  However, there is also the trouble of being considered overqualified.  How do I stand out without disqualifying myself?

This is a difficult issue mostly because of the fear of over qualification.  It’s a big issue in the news as people grasp to explain why so many folks have trouble finding jobs (short answer: economy sucks, you’re an idiot for asking).    So the first question is – is this actually a worry?

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Ask A Progeek: Demographic Distress

We’re here with Ask a Progeek, and the questions keep coming.  This one is a bit sensitive – and one with exploring.

When applying for a job, there is sometimes a voluntary section about demographic information (where they ask about gender, ethnicity, disabilities, etc).  In practice, is it better to fill that out or leave it blank?

This usually isn’t a concern for us Progeeks, but it’s something that bears thinking about.

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