The Tech Industry Is Really Not Too Diverse

Quartz covers it.

I wouldn’t call it “ugly” due to the context, but it’s incredibly pronounced and pretty male and white (and moreso in leadership).  Now the question is how people respond to these kind-of-obvious revelations.

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– Steven Savage

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Ask A Progeek: Demographic Distress

We’re here with Ask a Progeek, and the questions keep coming.  This one is a bit sensitive – and one with exploring.

When applying for a job, there is sometimes a voluntary section about demographic information (where they ask about gender, ethnicity, disabilities, etc).  In practice, is it better to fill that out or leave it blank?

This usually isn’t a concern for us Progeeks, but it’s something that bears thinking about.

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Tween Girls Double Gaming Time?

Who’s doubled their game playing time per month this year? Tween girls, according to a study.

This intrigues me as this is a market NOT typically associated with gaming, and oft associated with shovelware and secondary works. There are some standouts for tweens, as noted in the article, so I’m wondering if this will affect development for the demographic.

In fact, if it does, who knows what surprises may come up. “My Little Pony” was intended for a younger female core audience, and we know what happened.  Wizardry 101 was intended for a younger audience and it was a hit in an older demographic.  Those working to appeal to this growing demographic may find a lot of surprises.

Steven Savage