Ask A Progeek: Overqualification

Ah, the job search.  We usually like to think that we can totally ace the requirements and have the perfect personality and then some.  We’re ready to overdo it . . .

. . . but you can overdo it can’t you?  That’s what this week’s Ask A Progeek is about.  The question submitted to me is:

When applying for a job, I don’t simply want to show them I meet their expectations – I want to show how I exceed them.  However, there is also the trouble of being considered overqualified.  How do I stand out without disqualifying myself?

This is a difficult issue mostly because of the fear of over qualification.  It’s a big issue in the news as people grasp to explain why so many folks have trouble finding jobs (short answer: economy sucks, you’re an idiot for asking).    So the first question is – is this actually a worry?

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