Promoting Professional Geekery #23: Start A Pro Section At A Con

The roundup of Promoting Professional Geekery is here.

OK you're speaking at a con about careers.  You might be managing an entire track of career events.  So what more can you do to encourage people attending your convention or conventions to try the route of the professional geek?

Why, by inviting other professionals – but not just to speak.  Give them tables, give them their own area.  Start a Pro Section at your con.

This is a trend I've seen at more and more cons over the years.  Schools and even employment services take tables at conventions to inform attendees about their options.  I've seen this at both large and smaller conventions – and even at new ones.  This is something worth trying.

You could invite:

  • Schools.
  • Recruiting companies.
  • Training companies.
  • Companies that publish relevant career books.
  • Those who run relevant career websites.
  • People from career/skill-oriented publications.
  • Companies looking to hire.


This isn't even a complete list – I'm sure you can come up with more (by the way, tell me). 

So why would they come?  Well beyond the goodness of their hearts (which you should never discount):

  • They can recruit and find new talent for their businesses.
  • They can promote their services.
  • They can sell related merchandise (do let them bring merchandise).
  • They may make connections.
  • They build good will in the community.
  • They can do other events like speaking that further benefit them.
  • It'd be a lot of fun compared to other promotional and community activities.

And the benefits of course are easy -plenty of services, information, and even employment for the attendees.  Plus you'll make the convention not just fun, but add a bit more career orientation to it.

And that means more people seeing the light about professional geekery.

Steven Savage