Promoting Professional Geekery #27: Do A VLog

Writing, blogging, etc.  All are ways to get out the word for professional geeks – that you can turn geek into a career (or at least geek out your current one).  Of course not everyone responds to the written word.  Some respond to diagrams, others to writing, others to speech, yet others to baked goods.

Since I’m not sure anyone has invited a way to communicate the fan-to-pro message via donuts, let’s see if you can help out your fellows by going beyond the usual blog or web page and go visual.

Try a video Blog, or vLog in the usual condensed internet vernacular.

Really that’s a fancy way of saying:

  1. Take a common video program like iMovie.
  2. Take a video/webcam, which you probably have anyway embedded in your system.
  3. Make a video of some kind that relates to your Progeek interests.
  4. Set up an account at Youtube.
  5. Post the video.
  6. Repeat.
Not up for filming yourself or don’t have anything to show visually?  Then get PowerPoint, Keynote, and/or some graphics programs and do still text and pictures – with you narrating over them.  Or combine all the methods.

I’ve been doing it for awhile (in fact I use both film and static narration), and it’s provided a number of benefits.

  1. You reach an audience that may not pay attention to your other efforts – video does speak to some people after all.
  2. You can also use video to deliver information you may not be able to deliver in other means (well, stuff that’s highly visual).
  3. You’re going to gain knowledge of video editing software and media (I can’t believe how much I forgotten) which you may use elsewhere.
  4. It’s a chance to broaden the audience for your other works and progeek efforts.
  5. It’s also great ways to repurpose, practice, or expand on presentations you do (say, at cons).

Since I’ve been trying it for a few months it’s helped improve several of my efforts, and let me reach some more people with my progeek ideas.  I even got a friend to try out one of my techniques – and it was the video that made the difference.

We’re trying to promote the ideal of the Progeek.  We want people to maximize skills and interests.  So we gotta use everything in our media arsenal.  This is just one method (though I do appreciate it’s a method that let’s me show off my awesome fedora).

Steven Savage