Tablet News 2/21/2012

What a fascinating bit of news from Tabletopia!

Nook launches it's new Tablet, which is really the more expensive tablet with less memory, and puts it in competition with the Kindle Fire. B&N isn't quitting, and this does get them some nice attention – and it's intriguing how they seem to be aiming at tablets first, in a way. I almost feel they're downplaying the reading aspect.

TAKEAWAY: B&N is still taking on Amazon (and in a way, everyone else). I'd think their Nook division might be a good place to seek employment, and of course if you e-Publish, you want to be on B&N.

Microsoft appears to have bitten the bullet and released Office for iPad. Now my question here is what they're going to charge for this?

TAKEAWAY: It does show Microsoft is wisely moving with the times – and knows where the money is. What competition will this provide – and face – on the iPad?

Steven Savage