Promoting Professional Geekery #26: Do A Side Project

Trying to help people see the virtue of professional geekery is often best done by showing results.  So if you want people at work to see the value in your geekery (and maybe get a few more geeks to stand up and wave the nerd flag high), why not start a side project at work that relates to your geekery?  It let’s you show off with a payoff.

Try things such as:

  • Like games?  Maybe you can lead a program to do ramification.
  • Like anime?  Maybe you know enough to suggest some artists, marketing companies, and more your company should work with.
  • Technical geek?  Come on if you can’t think of something to propose at work you’re not even trying!
  • Science geek?  Who knows what additional products, experiments, training, newsletters, etc. you can propose.
  • General pop culture geek?  Maybe it’s time to start a viewing party or movie outing now and then to build morale.

Take your geekery and make it pay off – with a side project.

What does this do?

  • It of course helps the place you work and and the people you work with (as long as it pays off).
  • It helps open some minds about new possibilities.
  • It shows the professional value of your geekiness
  • It reminds others to stand up and make their geekiness heard – and do something with it.

Results speak for themselves.  So remind people of the professional power of your utter full nerdity by making it pay off!

Steven Savage