Netflix In Talk With Cable Companies

So says Reuters, who aren’t exactly prone to fly off the handle.

The idea seems to be Netflix becomes an option for the cable viewer, bundled into their bill.  Simple, effective, and efficient.  In fact, I’ll be exploring some of that on Monday . . .

Anyway, on to this possibility – frankly, it makes perfect sense.  Netflix gets a cash cow, viewers probably get some kind of discount or at least easier billing, and cable companies get a new reason to be around.  This also opens the opportunity to all sorts of crazy additional technologies and collaborations, as well as questions (is it going to be your-cable-box-only?)

None of this is surprising, of course, except that it’s happening a little faster than I’d have expected and doesn’t seem to be part of any larger initiatives – that we know of.

If this goes through?  Well, I’d start sending resumes to Netflix now, just in case . . .

Steven Savage