Promoting Professional Geekery #34 – Answer Questions

You have a lot in common with us here at fan to pro.  Good looks, charm, creativity.  Beyond that, you also want to help professional geeks like yourself (and future professional geeks), get their careers working.So how are you answering questions to help them out?  Are you actively seeking to answer specific questions or accessible?  You’ve got a lot of knowledge, so look for a way to let it out in ways that help people solve particular problems.

Such as . . .

  • Go do an online column.  That’s pretty much what my “Ask a Progeek” is for  – I even have a web page to get questions at
  • Go to Quora and answer questions.
  • Have you joined up specific groups at Linked In to help?
  • Did you try a Q&A board at the con you help with?

These are just a few ideas for you, but i’m sure it’ll give you plenty of other inspirations to use.

The whole specific-question approach to sharing progeek knowledge is very useful:

  • It provides a common format for reaching you (and others).
  • You can seek out given questions that fit your expertise.
  • It’s nice, effective, focused, bite-sized information.
  • It’s great if you’re not up for writing books, posts, and more.

Now it may not be for you if, say, you prefer different methods of communication (you want to use diagrams, prefer wider subjects, etc.) or don’t have time to go “looking and asking for trouble”  We’ve all got our own preferences.

I can say,personally, I’m loving it.  At “Ask A Progeek” I really enjoy the method and reaching people.  I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s a good way to share my knowledge.

Best of all, I get surprised by the questions asked.  They make me think, they challenge me, and when I answer them, I’m a bit more aware of what I know – and what people need.

Give it a try – and let me know what you do.  I might have some people to send your way . . .

Steven Savage