Economics, Airlines, And Education

Admittedly the “economics of airlines” doesn’t sound like exact fan-to-pro stuff here, except for travel and airline model fanatics, the Washington Monthly has a fascinating deconstruction of the continuously stupid state of airlines in the US that’s worth reading.

As opposed to analyzing the article – which stands on its own – I’d like to say “more of this, please” and note that, like it or not, this is stuff you should be reading.

Yes, this is a plea for you, my fellow geeks, to get a hell of a lot more into economics.

No, it doesn’t look easy. Yes, it can be obscure. Yes, it can be depressing. But understanding economics is vital to your survival. Face it, we live in a time where a presidential candidate can claim responsibility for a program he opposed, so it’s time to pay attention. ).

If you’re not into economics like I am, then there’s two things to remember:

  • Economics affects stuff you like. For instance if you do travel a lot, the Washington Monthly article really IS useful.
  • Economics lets you succeed.
  • This affects your survival, so Read Or Die.

One of those ought to motivate you.

That’s why I treasure articles like that deep analysis as I learn from it – because I do travel and have an interest in that part of the economy. It’s something that pertains to my interests, gives me ideas on success (I certainly know to watch airports now for my travel plans), and it helps me prepare for what will probably be some inevitable upheaval in airlines. Again.

Steven Savage