Steve’s Updates 9/2/2013

So what’s been going on here?  Well you probably saw but let’s hit the high points!

First, the new book.  No I’m not talking content yet except it’s a mixture of rewrite, expansion, old, and new material.  Right now I want to get at least one editing pass done before I get to it since that’ll determine how long it’ll really take.  It’s gotten a bit bigger than expected anyway.

Seventh Sanctum is now moving into Bootstrap 3.0, which is both easier and harder than I expected, and I’m mostly annoyed it’s not easy OR hard in the way I expected.  New Bootstrap is actually an improvement, but the radical change of some element is a royal pain – though my guess was the plans for 3 are entirely due to wanting to get some painful transitions the heck over.  This added at least a week on to my plans, unfortunately it did so at the wrong time, so I’m not sure if the October launch is valid, or if it’ll be more in November (as you may guess, I want the test the heck out of it).

There is a design for a new logo up, and you can see the results and some opinions here and here.  The designs are by Megami Studios, who also did the MuseHack logo.

Speaking of MuseHack, I’ll have a new series launching next week on geeks, citizenship, and society.  Stay tuned!

I finished up my work at Celsticon.  Got some ideas for next year – and my next con is Kraken-Con!

So what’s up with you?

– Steven Savage

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