Steve’s Update 11/18/2013

Hey gang.  Not a lot of an update as so much is done and I’m heading into the holidays.  Also I just did a run tonight, I’m tired, and eating salad.  With my Italian dressing but using Balsamic vinegar.  Mmm.

So the next book is finishing up editing and the cover artist has the next stages of drafts.  She’s quick kickass, and I’ve seen her do a number of works.  One in fact will be quite familiar when you find out who she is . . .

I think the book also represents a shift in some of my writing tone, so I’m curious what you’ll all think about it.  I’m also debating if I should use the Kindle promotional program.

Seventh Sanctum feedback keeps coming in, and most oddly the one thing that stands out is people miss the blue.  I guess I’ll have to reconsider that!

I might not have a lot of updates in December as I’ll be in a lot of planning/plotting phase.  But you will see a revival of some old work, I’ll probably do more depth in my cooking writing (and I’ve got to publish more recipes), and a few new things from me.  So stay tuned, 2014 is gonna get active . . .

Finally, with MuseHack you’ve noticed some changes to my columns in a more organized manner.  We’re definitely heading for a more “themed” approach – and I want more writers!  Let’s hear what you have going on!

– Steven Savage

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