Crossroads Alpha: Meet Seventh Sanctum

And so, let me discuss the final member of Crossroads Alpha, Seventh Sanctum, a site you may know me from as I’ve been running it for fourteen years.

Seventh Sanctum is a site that started as a subsite and a bit of a joke on how anime powers sounded randomly assembled, then grew into an obsession and a full site, exploring random tools to inspire people.  It’s been fourteen years and at last count there’s about 170 generators or so.  Yes, I have to take time to run a count.

Seventh Sanctum’s goal is to provide inspiration to people as well as amusement, to get their creative juices flowing so they can make art, games, etc.  Procedural content for the soul.

Beyond the generators, I recently decided it needed its own content section (well again), and added The Codex so I had one spot in the domain to post things that wasn’t just a separate blog.  This is allowing me to post updates and rewrite my worldbuilding column, Way With Worlds.  I’m also talking to new people about coming on board with other helpful columns.

Seventh Sanctum’s role in Crossroads Alpha is twofold.  First it provides a creative pillar for our alliance, a place for people to get inspired and creative.  Secondly, it focuses on utility – it’s a tool-first site, which helps us focus on keeping a broad amount of sites in the alliance.

So head on over and enjoy!

– Steven Savage