Update 3/23/2014

Well this is a bit behind.

I got hit with a cold, then my allergies kicked in, then work got busy, then the allergies came back.  Not the greatest few weeks to say the least.

So where am I?

  • I have one more print of the book coming.  If that’s good, then I can get it out.  If not . . . probably one more week.  Side note, covers quality and technique varies among POD book companies, just saying.
  • Seventh Sanctum-wise, we do have a new columnist, but I am behind on new generators.  Need to put some of my notes together to refire my ideas – but the real complex ones I wanted to do, well, I haven’t even started.  Maybe in Spring/Summer.
  • Muse Hack has two new columnists, one run, one coming, so pay attention.
  • I’m going to be doing even more cons, so pay attention to the schedule.
  • I have also thought of branching out to do panels on my Japanese Curry.  Let me know if you think that may be a good idea!

Signing off for now!