Steve’s Update 6/25/2014

Pretty wiped out, but I am working on a Writing Prompt generator at Seventh Sanctum.  Wanted to share some results!

  • She lived for fame, but would die for knowledge, which was really annoying.
  • This is a story about unemployment and a tactical officer.
  • This is a story that concerns evil, drug addiction, and an astronomer.
  • It was Monday, the day of hate.
  • Around here, everyone has a story about injustice and a manager.
  • On Saturday I become a medical officer.
  • I have a story about ambition and a time traveller – a story everyone knows.
  • I have a tale about getting old and a nanotechnologist – my story.
  • Abigail knew that good requires fame.
  • It was Wednesday, the day of authority.

I also plan to release it in Alpha so people can give feedback.

– Steven Savage

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