Steve’s Update 10/5/2014

Hey everyone, so what’s been up? A LOT.

Last week I did Con-Volution. This is a hardcore, old-school SF con with a big focus on skills, writing, socializing, and development. I was on panels on religion and worldbuilding (amazing, has to be done again), general worldbuilding (very diverse), and general careers(with a focus on professional behavior). Going back next year and I recommend it to others who can make it – though it’s kind of semi-local. However I most strongly recommend looking their schedule over for ideas.

This weekend I did Kraken-Con. Spoke on how to Make Japanese Curry (I’m branching into Geek Cooking and this was successful) and my Fan To Pro panel. Great con and it’s twice a year – only it went from 800 people 6 months ago to about 2K estimated. I’m thinking this thing is gonna have to be one a year. Spectacularly well-run, I’m already planning to go back. Been there since it started.

My latest job series, “The Dark Side Of ‘Do What You Love’” is complete. It was a chance to explore some more negative approaches to my usual career advice. You’ll find it informative.

This week . . . well we’ll see how things go.  But I’m feeling pretty energized.  The cons gave me some great ideas . . . now I just need time to implement them.
– Steven Savage

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