Steve’s Update 12/29/2014

Well I am managing to update more . . . though it’s mainly been food.

So what’s up for me?  Well . .

The new Muse Hack look is done, and thats’ part of the new focus – it’s going to be for my in-depth work on Applied Geek, with me as more of a ringmaster for ideas and information, and having guest bloggers or other contributors (Scott is of course staying on).  It fits what I’ve always done – introduce people to things.

Seventh Sanctum has a new generator – for Fantasy Metals.  This lets you get ideas like ‘Negative Orichalcum’ and ‘Unkowable Steel Of The Night.”

I just joined Goodreads – so go on over and say hi!

That’s it for me, what about you?
– Steven Savage

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